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Eczema Pictures – Start Taking Beautiful Eczema Pictures

Author: Janet Simpson

It’s time to take some gorgeous eczema pictures. And you will be able to do just that if you increase your intake of organic raw foods.

Eating a diet of approximately 65% raw foods will create healthy gorgeous, velvety skin.

Raw foods has the ability to turn around most skin conditions by feeding the body the vital nutrients that it is crying out for.

Other benefits of a high raw diet include:

#1 – Eczema Pictures – Did you know that if you eat mostly cooked foods, your food can take upwards of 100 hours to pass through your digestive system. If you eat mostly raw foods however, the food can pass through the system in less than 30 hours. This results in less toxin and waste putrefying in your system and polluting. Pollution is responsible for skin rashes, eczema and allergies.

#2 – Eczema Pictures – If your body has a high level of electricity pulsating through each cell you will be living in perfect health. You will have the ability to self heal eczema, rashes and other ailments. You will also experience a good sodium/potassium balance.

#3 – Eczema Pictures – If you’re looking for maximum vitality at the cellular level then raw foods will do this for you. Raw foods offer, in perfect combinations, all the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients your body requires.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/diseases-and-conditions-articles/eczema-pictures-start-taking-beautiful-eczema-pictures-207564.html

About the Author

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Rach says:

    Has anyone ever dealt with Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy or (PUPPP)?
    I am 28 weeks pregnant and have this rash on my stomach, thighs, and underarms that itches severely. I researched online and found this. Judging on the description and the pictures this seems to be what I have. I am going to the doctor friday and will discuss it to make sure but I just wanted to get some advice on any home remedies to calm the itching? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • crystal clear says:

      dont panic just yet, i had a small patch of a rash on the top of my shoulder 4 weeks ago, it then spread down my arm, my upper thighs and then my stomach, i did same research and got very upset as i am only 23 wks and couldnt stop scratching – i saw my doctor the next day and he told me that it was common to get a rash during pregnancy and hormone changes affect this and told me not to worry just put calomine lotion on, i was not at all impressed and continued to itch, i went back and told him i think its PUPPP rash, he said it could be but it may be an allergy so gave me a stonger hydrocortesone cream to deal with it, i also spent most of my time in a warmish bath before going to bed and it is now almost cleared up. i have since found out that there is a wierd rash going round that is set off by the heat and has same appearance as puppps so dont worry just yet,

      hope all goes well, have med – cool baths before bed and use calomine lotion, aquious cream and try and stay away from dairy for a few days

  2. Buttslap says:

    How to get rid of minor breakouts (a few pimples)?
    I can’t use anything too harsh because I don’t have acne but I have minor breakouts which is a few pimples here and there. I use a cleanser, toner, and a moisturizer but I think my cleanser just doesn’t work for me anymore. By the way the type of acne I have are papules and nodules (you can look up pictures of that type of acne). Help please!

    • moi says:

      Murad does really good treatments, I know it’s a full acne kit but at Sephora or online you can buy just tubes of the pimple targeting gel, which works a treat for me. You put it on at night, especially on zits that are beginning to form, and by the morning they’re a lot better.
      I don’t have acne but sometimes I get a lot of little annoying pimples, and I saw my doctor who gave me prescription medication, called Zynerit. It’s AMAZING so much better than any other products, so it might be worth asking your doctor or seeing a dermatologist if they’re really bothering you.
      Stay away from Clean and Clear, from my experience the products are a rip off and do absolutely nothing!
      Good luck!

  3. AaRoN says:

    what do girls think of pearly penile papules?
    saw a picture of these things online, apparently 30% of guys have them. I also heard somewhere they make sex better for girls??

    • Stewart Smythe says:

      That stat is true, over 30% males from 17-35 have pearly penile papules. Girls usually do not find them attractive.

  4. lolly poop says:

    okay well what exactly is it / can you have sex

  5. a says:

    pearly penile papules?
    Hey im 15 and have pearly penile papules, iv had them since about 13 ish and have seen pictures of them on wikipedia and stuff and them pictures seem alot worse than mine. will mine become this bad or is it possible to have much milder symptoms?

  6. Arsenal shirt says:

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