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Pearly Pink Papules

The best hirsuties papillaris genitalis treatment finally exposed!

Author: ohad orlian

Hirsuties papillaris genitalis also called pearly penile papules is a condition of a tiny bumps or pimples that appear around penile head.

Hirsuties papillaris genitalis can appear in teenagers and people around the age of 20-40 years old.

It is not a sexually transmitted disease and not a genetical problem or something like that.

Pearly penile papules sufferers have a lot of psychological problems when they come across with hirsuties papillaris issue.

A man who have pearly penile papules are more likely to become less social,less confidence,feeling fear and anxious about his own future and much more psychological problems that appear when pearly penile papules attack the penis down there.

Men who have hirsuties papillaris genitallis are trying to find ways to get rid of pearly penile papules as a cosmetic purpose.

The treatments for hirsuties papillaris genitallis are:

  1. Co2 Laser Treatment
  2. Natural and healthy treatment

1.Co2 Laser treatment can eliminate the bumps around penis head by using a laser to get rid of the pearly penile.

Co2 laser is a short term procedure a patient get an appointment with a doctor that check out the penile condition and if things are looking good the patient can move forward for the next phase.

After the bumps are pulling out the patient need to take medications until the penile will get back to the normal condtion this can take for about 2-4 weeks.

2. Natural and healthy treatment without risks and side effects is more effective than a surgery and because it can be in the comfort of the pearly penile papules sufferer home is more simple,easy and convenient procedure that can cure hirsuties papillaris genitalis permanently…

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/mens-health-articles/the-best-hirsuties-papillaris-genitalis-treatment-finally-exposed-3802377.html

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Noxy says:

    Self-Removal of Pearly Penile Papules? (with soldering iron)?
    Ok so i have some pretty big pearly penile papules that cluster on either side of my urethra, just under the opening (in other words just under the pink part on either side of where you pee) The only real way you can get rid of them is to have a doctor use a CO2 laser to remove them. I really can’t afford the treatment, so was researching ways to remove them myself. I came across a form of a guy who said to use a soldering iron and just touch the tip of the papule and they would disappear permanently. The guy who posted it said he did it himself and it worked, i first thought the guy was a complete RETARD!! but then i starting thinking about it and realized that all the CO2 laser does is burn off the legions with high concentrated heat, and don’t see the fundamental problem with using a soldering iron on the papules. I do realize there are obvious dangers such as over burning, slipping while holding the iron, and scarring, but i want to get other peoples (and hopefully some doctors) responses on my idea to burn off these papules with a soldering iron. (FYI: i’m planning on buying “Dr. Numb” numbing medicine and applying it prior to burning them off which is exactly what dermatologists do when they burn off the paplules with the CO2 laser except with a more powerful numbing agent).
    i read somewhere that CO2 lasers operate anywhere from 200 degrees up to 300ish. however the common soldering iron gets to about 700 degrees, so i would think that it would have an adequate temperature to ablate the papules

    • Polly P says:

      I suspect the amount of heat delivered via the CO2 laser will be much more accurate than with your soldering iron!

      If a cheap, simple soldering iron worked safely, do you think there would be a market for CO2 lasers?!!

  2. Angel says:

    Are tiny pink or flesh colored bumps under the frenulum of the penis normal?
    I noticed i have a few tiny bumps under the frenulum of my penis. Im also circumsized and noticed them just recently. I also have some tiny pink/flesh colored bumps on the rim of the tip of my penis. I dont have any pain or discomfort of any kind. Can it be pearly penile papules or genital warts?

  3. davidd80 says:

    i have a red/pink dot on the head of my penis and its not pearly penile papules. what can it be?
    iam 15years old and havent had sex and i want to no what it is

    • believeinyou24 says:

      You haven’t had sex? Probably its acne (yes it can get there). It also might be a freckle or a mole. If it is a mole (as in you know you had a mole there and it turned red) — ask to go to the doctor at once. The likelihood though is acne.

      Kind thoughts,


  4. thatkid117 says:

    Microscopic Pink Bumps on Penis head?
    hi im 14 yr old male and im not sexually active. ive been browsing around the net and a couple of weeks ago i came across these ‘pearly penile papules’ images. Now that im completley paranoid that every tiny bump on my penis head is a ‘papule’ i need some reassurance.

    I have a lot of microscopic little tiny tiny *tiny* pink..what look like pimples ALL around my penis head. Im circumcised. these normal? :D
    they arent in any specific order and are BARELY raised like BARELY they are very similar to small pimples
    When i am erect they completely dissapear
    i would ask my doctor but my doctor is my aunt :(

  5. v says:

    i am circumcised but i have bumps under the head of my penis. is it pearly penile or genital warts?
    well my girl found bumps underneath the head of my penis. they look like little bumps kind of pink… i tried looking it up on the internet to get more details and came across sumthing called pearly penile papules. but it was said that it could be confuse with genital warts. how can i know the differents. also is it transmittable?

    • Mrs_Golub says:

      I can’t say all,because i’ve not seen every penis in the world (!!!) but the ones i have seen,all have small flesh coloured bumps on them,around the size of goose bumps. The small ones around the head of the penis are usually more prominent when the penis is hard,and not so visable when its soft.I think it’s just the skin (you know,like chicken skin is slightly bumpy!),and some could be in-grown hairs (hairs trapped under the skin) or blocked hair folicles,which are nothing to worry about.

      If you’ve been having protected sex and not done anything to be able to catch an STD,then i’d just assume that they were these bumps most men seem to have down there.

      If you had genital warts,you’d know about it! They’re not small “bumps”. They’re sores which hurt and leak puss when infected.

      Obviously,if you’re really worried,then go to your doctor.
      But if what you’re talking about is what i’m thinking of,then it’s nothing to worry about,it’s normal.

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