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Penile Pimples Pictures

Fungal infections usually affect the skin because they live off keratin, a protein that makes up skin, hair and nails. Fungi usually make their homes in moist areas of the body where skin surfaces meet: between the toes, in the genital area, and under the breasts. Fungal skin disorders are common and represent a significant component of any primary care practice that involves children. Fungi are ubiquitous organisms capable of colonizing almost any environment, including virtually all humans. They grow in irregular masses and can be broadly divided into two basic forms: molds and yeasts. The most common fungal infections including is athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is a common infection and is often caused by a combination of fungi and bacteria. It causes scaling and sogginess of the skin, commonly of the web spaces between the toes. Onychomycosis is the name for any fungal nail infection. Tinea unguium (ringworm of the nails) is a common one. The nails become malformed, thickened and crumbly.

Fungi can be caught from animals , soil or other people. These fungi can live undetected on your body for some months before they multiply enough to cause redness or soreness. Strangely, fungal infections on one part of the body can cause rashes on other parts of the body that are not infected. Thrush (Candida albicans)-The fungus Candida is present within most people. It usually lives in harmony with us and rarely causes problems. Beard ringworm (tinea barbae) is rare. Most skin infections in the beard area are caused by bacteria, not fungi. Scalp ringworm (tinea capitis) is primarily caused by Trichophyton. Scalp ringworm is highly contagious and is common among children , especially black children. Most ringworm infections, except those of the scalp and nails, are mild. Antifungal creams usually cure them.

Many effective antifungal creams can be purchased without a prescription; antifungal powders are generally not as good. These treatments are usually effective and only occasionally cause side-effects. These may include skin irritation and allergic reactions. It is not unusual for the rash to return, even when it seems to have been treated. Some treatments are available over the counter from a pharmacist, without a prescription. Examples include clotrimazole (eg Canesten), miconazole (eg Daktarin) and terbinafine (eg Lamisil). Dry the skin carefully after bathing. Wear loose fitting clothes and underwear. Avoid sharing towels, hair brushes, and combs, which could contain skin fragments that harbour fungal colonies. Griseofulvin is an effective treatment for tinea capitis if used for a minimum of 6 weeks. Absorption of griseofulvin is enhanced when taken with food.

Fungal Skin Infections Treatment Tips

1. Dry the skin carefully after bathing

2. Wear loose fitting clothes and underwear

3. Avoid sharing towels, hair brushes, and combs, which could contain skin fragments that harbour fungal colonies

4. There are a variety of treatments available in the form of creams, lotions and medicated powders.

5. Some treatments are available over the counter from a pharmacist, without a prescription.

6. Stronger forms of topical treatments and antifungals in tablet form are only available on prescription.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I Have White Grouped Pimples On My Penis?
    Now , Please don’t laugh this is hard enough to admit . I have white grouped pimples on my penis and I’m quite scared, I read online and I’ve read about how it can be STD or Herpes. I’m only 14 and yes of course, I’m still a virgin. I’ve checked something called Pearly penile papules. Yes, I’ve seen the pictures and that’s not what I have. They’re on my penis shaft. Please help , I really don’t want to go to my family and say,”Hey i need to get my penis checked. ” ): . This is not a lie by the way.

    • man darin says:

      O.K. ‘m dead serious. Just answered another question on this 5 mins ago.

      Sound like Fordyce’s spots

      80% of men have them

      Not STD = not infectious

      Harmless but annoying, but girls don’t usually notice.

      Google them or go to link below


  2. joe j says:

    White Bumps on my penis?
    im 14 yrs old, my penis is uncut, and im a virgin. I have little small white bumps onmy penis, they look EXACTLY like pimples. they are on the very tip of my foreskin where the head is and there are some on the head but they are less noticeable. Im not sure if this is pearly penile papules because the pictures ive seen of them are way bigger than what i have, they dont stick out so much also. they are just flat on there like if you had a small pimple on your face. what are they? since they looked like pimples i tried popping one but they are impossible to pop. i dont have the best relationship with my parents so i dont want to tell them. and i cant see a doctor because they are the only ones that can take me. if your a doctor can you help? please dont answer “go tell your parents” after i specifically said i dont want to

    • Harriet says:

      Could be PPP just looking a bit different. Hair follicles? (They’re usually at the base though.) What about Fordyce spots? Also some guys just have little white bumps on their foreskin, they’re normal but I don’t know what they are.

      It’s probably nothing to worry about if they don’t hurt and you haven’t had sex, but if you are concerned then you would have to see a doctor.


  3. Alex V says:

    Small, white, unpoppable “pimples” on penis??!?
    Well, I’ve had these for about a year now. They come and go, but lately they’ve been staying longer and getting bigger. They occur in clusters as well. They’re really white and small and I can’t pop them. But they are REALLY distinguishable. They don’t really come off the skin that much. I’ve looked at tons of pictures of things you can have on your penis. It doesn’t look like herpes or genital warts or anything serious. It sorta looks like Pearly Penile Papules…I’m not sure. But I’ve done a lot of research but still can’t find anything solid. This, rash, or outbreak, or whatever the hell it is, occurs right at the end of my shaft.

    What do you think it is? They occur in clusters, they are white and small, yet easily distinguishable. They can’t be popped. and they occur on the inside of my foreskin. [I’m uncut]

    • xtremelyeuro says:

      That sounds really bad. Dude, why the heck did you do nothing for a year? Don’t you get health care? Go see a doctor about it.

      Listen, it may not be serious at all. But let your doctor figure that out. As of now, you still don’t know exactly what this condition is. Your health isn’t worth gambling with.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Embarassing question preferably males only?
    um i have this big pimple that is too sore to pop on my penis and i did some research on it and it said somewhere it could be an early form of penile cancer or it could just be an ingrown hair. well idk what it is its just skin color but on the top its kinda reddish like a zit. would it be ok and legal if i just posted a picture of the penis zit only not showing the penis so i know that i dont have penile cancer because i dont wanna go to the doctor and have him rub on my genitals and try to pop it himself i dont think i could handle that. i just wanna know what type of blister it is so i can tell if its anything serious i mean i dont have much other options because i dont wanna go to the doctor. btw im 16 yrs old and a virgin

  5. Dan D says:

    Bumps on Penis?
    I havent had sex with a girl in about 6 months, and about three months ago some small white pimple like dots started to appear on the shaft of my penis. About 20 of them scattered. I kinda got worried, but for some reason started to think that maybe i had an std.. so i did some research and none of the pictures for sifilus, herpes, the penile things, or warts looked like what it was. So i just thought that it was acne, and would hopefully dissapear..

    Its been about three months, and three red raised bumps have appeared at the base of my penis since then. Bigger than the 20 other small white bumps.They look like white heads, but i dont want to pop them cause that would hurt.. They have no pain, and dont itch… so if there is anyone out there who knows of a medication or some type of lotion to help with penis acne that would be awesome.

    Unless its an std, then ill need to see a doctor, but i honestly think it isnt considering that they didnt all show up three months after sex…

    • Q says:

      might be Molluscum contagiosum. it is an STD and does appear as you described. it’s spread by skin to skin contact. the other thing it could be but doesn’t sould like it is bppp(benign pearly penil papuals) which is not an STD but doesn’t just come and go. they are pearly in color bumps that tend to show up and never really go away. treatments can be found at the link below. and for pictures just google molluscum contagiosum and hit images.

  6. Daniel M says:

    I Have these little bumps on each side of my frenulum on my penis. They been hear for 2 years, wht are they?
    Well, i will explain it better. they kind of look like little pimples, they’re kind of redish, but then they kind of match my skin. (im brownskin) on the left side of the frenulum, one bump is about 1mm apart from the the other, and the same on the right side. i doubt its a std the doctor last year told me penile papules or something, but it doesn’t look as nasty, as those pictures do. Yes i had it for 2 years, and they have not got worst, they dont itch or anything

    • Anonymous says:

      There are two tiny, virtually redundant glands that are located either side of the base of the frenulum, which secrete (or used to secrete in childhood), mucous. I think it is these that you are referring to. Yours are obviously slightly more prominent than normal, but are nothing to be worried about so just ignore them.
      Fordyce’s Spots is a condition which affects hair follicles, so unless you have hairs on your bell end, it certainly isn’t that!

  7. Harriet says:

    could be a yeast infection. you should see a doc and get checked for STDs too.

    that’s just a guess I didn’t see the pic


  8. Anonymous says:

    I think there was a Pimple on my shaft?
    So i have been sexually active for several years, each person i have had sex with i have taken the precautions necessary and if i did not use a condom they were with my long-term girlfriends and they were regularly tested and clean. My current girlfriend was tested back in November and she had everything tested and came back all negative, we had been sexually active for two months prior to her visit. So i noticed this bump on the top part of my shaft and tried to pop it in the past but it didnt budge. It has been there forever it seems like and last night as i was asleep next to my girlfriend i woke up the next morning and it had popped. It looked like a perfect circle, just like a zit on the face. We didn’t have sex or anything last night but we did the day before. Whats funny is that my girlfriend told me to go get checked days before this even happened just cause i should. The doctor looked at my penis and told me i had nothing to worry about and that everything looked negative. So i told my girlfriend this morning and she didn’t seem to bothered by it. But i am kinda freaking out. I took a shower and doctor’d the tiny pop from the pimple. I googled pimple on the shaft and everyone says its normal, but i looked up the pictures of pearly penile papules and those are pretty normal, but i didnt know. So what do ya think? am i being a baby or should i be freaking out? or is it an ingrown hair? if so… why at the top of my shaft (kinda in the top middle part) where hair doesnt grow..
    And if its just a popped pimple. should i abstain from sex?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if I have herpes?
    Hello. I believe that I have been exposed to the Herpes virus. I had protected sex with my partner and only had sex for about 10 minutes without condom breakage. After this, I received oral sex (without a condom) in which I ejaculated. I have made out with my partner several times about two months before, so I ruled out oral herpes. I have read as much as I can online and have looked at pictures of mild & severe cases. Nothing seems to come close to my bumps except maybe the very early stages of tiny herpes bumps. Two weeks after intercourse, I noticed a couple of tiny bumps on the underside of my penis right on the border of the head and the foreskin. The bumps are located on each side of the ‘line’ that runs down the shaft. They are actually very close to the head and I thought that maybe at first they were pearly penile papules. However, I am getting paranoid and would like to make sure that it isn’t herpes or anything else. The bumps do not hurt and I have not experienced any pain or discomfort associated with them. Here is my timeline:
    Day 14: I first noticed the bumps.
    Day 18: I had a fever/sore throat. (Lasted about two days)
    Between Day 14 and Day 23, I experienced no significant changes in the bumps. Both groups are somewhat smooth and I see whiteness that seems to be under the skin. I guess I could describe it as an underdeveloped pimple within the skin that can’t be popped. Because of the lack of changes, I decided to experiment and prick a couple of them with a needle. No fluid or puss came out. Only blood. The needle only made slight pricks and within a few days the pricks scabbed over and the bumps remained as they looked before.
    Day 30: Got a slight cough and sore throat.
    It is now Day 35 and nothing has changed. Please remember that I have not experienced any pain or discomfort. According to the symptoms I’ve researched, the only things I have experienced are the flu-like symptoms and bumps. I have not seen any discharge or puss from the bumps. I’ve also noted that the area where the bumps are get red only because I’ve been inspecting them on a constant basis (stretching the skin, feeling them, etc.). I understand that herpes can differ drastically in many people, but I’m just not sure if the bumps I have are normal (they are very tiny and may have been there before) or if they are something else. I’m also not sure if the flu-like symptoms are being caused by these bumps as alot of my friends have recently been sick due to the changing weather. The only thing I can think of that may be causing this is frequent masturbation that is stretching that particular area of skin. I use lotion, but sometimes I feel some friction.

    Any feedback would be appreciated and thank you for your time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go to the doctor. A simple blood test can determine if you have been exposed to the herpes virus and whether it is Simplex I or II. Simplex I is oral herpes and it is my understanding it can be spread to the genital area during oral sex. It is also my understanding herpes is very common. You may not feel very comfortable going to your doctor and having them inspect your penis but believe me, they have seen it all and it will put your mind at ease. Besides, as long as you have had the bumps, sounds like they are not clearing up. Maybe it’s something else? Or maybe it’s nothing? I believe herpes have a cycle, blisters that eventually scab and go away, I think three weeks tops. I could be wrong. But go to the doctor and get it looked at and stop the guessing and distressing. Maybe they can get it taken care of.

  10. Soran says:

    What could these be? Please assist.?
    Okay so on my penis shaft and scrotum I have what look like pimples.
    -Not black head pimples, white.
    -They are not red.
    -They do not itch or irritate ever.
    -I do not shave down there so it can’t be razor burn.
    -I have never had sex.
    I noticed these when I was a freshmen and now I am in my senior year. So they have been here for a few years. At first I thought Pearly Penile Papules but I read that they occur on the head of the penis. Mine aren’t on the head and I have viewed pictures and they don’t look as bad as the pictures. What else could these be?
    Yes, they do look like that. Thank you. Will they ever go away?

    • Anonymous says:

      These are Fordyce Spots and occur in the sebaceous glands at the base of hair follicles. Almost all post pubescent males have them. They are harmless and do not need any treatment.

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