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Are those ugly penile papules ruining your sex life?

If you are quite disgusted with what you see or your partner makes fun of you because you have these tiny, white colored skin domes or tags around your penis gland, then your sexual life is definitely ruined. The good thing here is that it isn’t a sexually transmitted disease or a contagious one. Some say that these papules develop because the pores or sweat glands are blocked even though the real cause remains uncertain. Although it’s not that harmful to your health, it’s pretty harmful to your self-esteem. Self confidence may plummet down when someone laughs at you because of your condition.

If you are tired if the humiliation you get while having an attempt to satisfy your manly needs, and you have tried other methods and nothing really worked, then the Pearly Penile Papules Removal guide is the answer to your problems.

What benefits can you get out of the guide?

Of course, first and foremost is that it offers removal of penile papules at the comfort and privacy of your own home. You don’t need to let others know about it, and so, you can be able to enjoy your sex life confidently. It offers good, permanent results so you don’t have to worry about recurring growths and it works on all skin types. It is indeed a great alternative to painful surgeries at a lesser expense plus a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Why undergo an expensive, risky and painful surgery when you can banish those papules naturally without side effects?

As long as you follow the guide without missing important instructions, you’ll get positive results! No more “little bumps” to worry about, just a pleasurable and enjoyable sex life with your partner.

If you find real discomfort with papules sticking out their ugly heads and you want to remove them for good and permanently, visit http://bit.ly/GetPearlyPenilePapulesRemoval.


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  1. jpk says:

    im fifteen i got circumcized to cure PPP (Pearly penile papules) they arent going away?
    any suggestions from people that know what they are talking about?

    • Presto's Girl says:

      Check this website I don’t think that just by getting circumcised will cure this problem! Check with your doctor about laser treatment!

  2. jpk says:

    getting circumcized will it cure PPP?
    dont tell me not to cause i already made up my mind
    i want to anyways uncircumcised is gross
    will it cure PPP is the question

    • Wanderer says:

      You cannot cure Pearly Penile Papules as they are not a disease. Circumcision will not cause them to go away, however, infantile circumcision probably would have prevented them from forming. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want them anyway, they contain sensitive nerve endings which make sex more enjoyable. Whether or not you circumcise is up to you, but don’t expect your PPP’s to disappear, where would they go?

  3. Greg says:

    is there a cure for pearly papules (PPP)?
    i am not circumcised and im a male please help there starting to freak me out!

    • zitdr_02 says:

      Not really. These are considered normal variations, except some males have many more of them than others. Of course, they could be removed via surgery, with the CO2 laser ablation technique being the best (but you’d have to convince the laser surgeon to do it,and I would think that he’d not want to treat a basically normal penis.)

  4. jpk says:

    I am uncircumcized and i have PPP (pearly penile papules) I heard that getting circumcised will cure them?
    if this is true please tell me how long it will take. Please dont try to change my mind because i have already made it up.
    I dont want his to sound like im bragging but i am a good looking kid, i am 16 and i dont want to have to avoid situations with girls anymore because im ashamed. Freinds think im gay or something is wrong with me and i told my dad i want to be circumsized. We already have an appointment, i want to kno wat to expect besides pain in regards to the PPP

    • Nick says:

      PPP is not a sexually transmitted disease and cannot be transmitted in any way. It is caused from 1) heredity, 2) bacteria. Since you mentioned uncircumcised, it may be option 2, but doubtful. I work as a student doctor here and I have never seen PPP caused from be circumcised and people that claimed it was because they weren’t circumcised decided to get circumcised and it didn’t help. Once you have them, they are their for nearly life and usually aren’t severe enough to really notice. 95% of the population has em.

      I would not recommend getting circumcised at age 16 for any reason unless life threatening or if it threatens your physical well being. For one, since you are a teen, you are going to frequently have the urge to masturbate and you can’t for an entire month after circumcision. Also, when they circumcise you, you are awake. 99.999% of adults and kids-teens that come in and get circumcised cry just from seeing it done. Then not to mention the pain.

      If you need any advice or if you have a question, comment, concern, etc…feel free to email or IM (preferred) me. nicknrm@att.net

  5. robpi12 says:

    HELP! how do i get rid of PPP!??!?
    i did some research and i have PPP, on my scrotum and lower penis. i am 15, never had any type of sex, and circumsized. i have had these things for quite a while now and they are driving me insane! doctors say they are normal but they are NOT normal to other guys and girls i have talked to… i feel inferior to other guys because of these things…. is there any cure besides surgery? some please save me, i am going insane!
    ppp is a form of hpv…. google it….

  6. jpk says:

    pearly penile papules PPP – all I have to say I’m one of the unfortunate boys that have it?
    i was circumsized to get rid of it and it didn’t change it. Please give me some advice on this or a way to cure it.

  7. jpk says:

    if you do no know what PPP (pearly penile papules) are than dont answer?
    i have them and im uncircumcized
    i heard that 75 percent of the time getting circumcized cures them
    any people with experience in the matter please answer

    • Ms. Le'Kia says:

      That’s not entirely true since circumcized people have them as well.If you are feeling self-conscious or embarrassed by them, carbon dioxide laser ablation can remove or reduce the appearance of the bumps. Before you cringe at the thought of using a laser “down there,” remember that you do not have to do anything at all. Just know that you have an option.

      Though the recovery is a bit painful, it is a rather simple procedure. A dermatologist uses the CO2 laser to carefully vaporize the bumps. There will be some scabbing and swelling, but you should be back to normal in a week or two.

      Hope this helps. Good Luck!!!!

  8. woe says:

    never had sex and never ben gay, yet…………..?
    im 15 years old and i have two major problems. i have hemorrhoids and ppp. as of right now i haven’t told my parents because their both just so embarrassing to talk about. does anyone know a cure for either . i really hate having these problems.

    • V says:

      Why in the world would those two be associated with homosexuality and sex?

      PPP is not a disease. It’s just there. Nothing harmful, you can have it removed though.
      Just ask your parents to buy you some Preparation H.

  9. 1 says:

    Pearly penile papules- toothpaste method?
    Im 15 years old, so no i cant do the Co2 thing.And i will feel uncomfortable talking to my parents about it.

    I heard toothpaste makes them smaller or less noticeable?

    Its alright if it doesn’t completely “cure” PPP, i just want them to be less noticeable. So should i use toothpaste ? Is there a specific toothpaste brand i should use?

    I’m a good looking dude, and i had about three chances to have sex, but because of PPP i didn’t do anything. this is bullshit.

    And don’t tell me its “normal”. I know it is, but it won’t look normal to high school girls.

    • Michael says:

      Toothpaste worked for me, but don’t use loads of it.
      You can keep them unnoticeable in future by keeping the area dry. For example, after washing under your foreskin in the shower, make sure when you get out that you pull it back again and dry with the towel.

  10. Raiku says:

    I need an anime to watch.?
    Right now, im in the mood for something sad, like Pretear, but romantic in a wierd way, like Fruits Basket. i also enjoy Magical girl animes ( like shugo chara and pretty cure) i really REALLY like/ liked the following animes
    Shugo Chara, Natsume Yuujinchou , Mermaid Melody PPP Pretear , Tokyo Mew Mew , Clannad , Junjou Romantica , Fruits Basket , Air TV , Kamikaze Kaitou Jeane(or sumthing like that) , Chobits ( was ok)
    i should list more, but i don’t really feel like it XD just need an anime please!~
    and just for the record, no naruto/ninja stuff
    u know what i mean
    plus none of the really obvious ones like code gease. if it has a lot of episodes, chances are i’ve already seen it ><
    thanks for the answers so far~

    • Sarah Larson says:


      -Nanaka 6/17
      -Mamotte Lollipop
      -Wedding Peach
      -Cardcaptor Sakura
      -The Wallflower
      -Tenchi Muyo
      -Doki Doki School Hour
      -Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat
      -Strawberry Marshmellow
      -Spice and Wolf
      -DN Angel
      -Paradise Kiss
      -Peach Girl
      -Love Hina
      -Lucky Star
      -Bottle Fairy
      -The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
      -Animal Yokocho

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